Chris Dancer (Vice President / Church Secretary)


Born in Nottingham, I was originally brought up in Basford and attended the school on the same street as Queensberry, although I attended short stints at St. Leodegarius Church as a child I never would have called myself a Christian.  After living in Birmingham, Barnsley and London I have found myself back home in Nottingham; having married a Christian who introuced me to church, I committed myself to Christ and was baptised in the Easter of 2008.

I have two children who I hope will join me and my wife in believers baptism when the time is right for them.   My work causes me to travel and come into conversation with people from many different backgrounds and beliefs, sometimes allowing me the opportunity to share my faith.

I hope to find my calling and direction as I serve as generalist leader so that I may learn to know God’s plans for me in future leadership roles.